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The dedicated sports digital collectibles marketplace providing new digital experiences for sports fans. 

Discover our SpheraHead collection created exclusively for our first members. 

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The ecosystem will group SpheraHead NFTs, an NFT marketplace, Jerseys as NFTs, and its own native utility token $Sphera.



Digitally generated unique collectibles avatars created for the first members to join Sphera World built on the Hedera technology.

NFT Benefits:

  • Enter weekly raffles to win up to $1,000 worth of Sphera tokens 
  • Pre-access to the upcoming NFT launch 
  • VIP access to all Sphera World products and events 

Sphera Marketplace

The platform enables anyone to explore and purchase digital collectibles, memorabilia, and exclusive experiences from sports players and teams. The marketplace will be open to all sports governing entities to provide their fans with never-before-seen experiences. 

Sphera Token

Used within the Sphera ecosystem, the Sphera Token serves as a means of exchange on the Sphera marketplace. Allowing users to purchase digital collectibles and other items. Overall, the Sphera Token is a key component of Sphera World, enabling transactions and access to its features.

Sphera Jerseys

Sphera’s adventure begins with a limited-edition Jerseys’ NFT drop, and in collaboration with major players of the Arab sports world.


Sphera’s vision is to transform the way sports fans engage with their favorite teams and athletes, by building a platform that brings blockchain technology to sports fandom online, through which, fans can collect and trade unique sports collectibles, engage with their favorite teams and athletes, and connect with other fans.

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The digital collectibles ecosystem providing new experiences for sports fans.

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